Strong Powerful Dua For Rizq

Strong Powerful Dua For Rizq ,” This is the most effective and result oriented way of making dua and have been personally tested and has very good results and the best thing about it is that it does not need much fallow the following steps to prform this powerful dua:

  • get the holy water(abe zam zam)
  • after fajar prayer stand towards kabbah
  • drink this water in three steps
  • don’t breath from your mouth while drinking
  • then make dua for rizq and success
  • rub your both hands on your face

now wait for some days and see it happen with your eyes.


Rizk Me Izafe ki Dua

If some one wants more rizq in form of land,property,health,money and wealth he/she shall perform this dua daily between fajr prayers sunnah and fard prayer.the results will be very visible after 2 to 3 weeks  but don’t stop until you have achieved the desired results.i will highly recommend that also teach this dua to all your family members.

“subhan allah wa bihamdihi subhan allahil azeem wabihamdihi astaghfirullah”

This was also proven from hadith so have guaranteed results.

Rizq ki bandish ke dua

On the off chance that some individual has put bandish on rizq gathers that some individual has put a judgment on some individual to make him poor or stop him/her from improvement then one should play out the running with dua wazifa thusly:

Take an important tub stacked with warm water.

get the leaves of uncovered tree.

in a matter of seconds take a stick from same tree.

in a matter of seconds spot leaves in the water and blend it with same stick.

relate last four surah for 70 times blow in it.

Rizq ki dua in hindi

This is a stunning dua mantra for hindu family and sisters.just once attempt it and let me consider the astonishing outcome.recite this for 5000 times in 24 hours of time.continue it until fancied results.

“shere ram chander jee”

Should go to mandir always while he/she is playing out this dua.

Dua to allah for achievement

The achievement in dua to allah completely relies on upon your affirmation and belief.God says i listen to every single one it doesn’t have any sort of impact whether he is muslim or non muslim.God regards each and every person and listens to them.recite Allah’s name “al mutakabbir al hayyu al qayyum”for 1100 time before dua follow up with druood in starting and at will be successfull in every one of your deeds.

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