Kisi Ko Bhulane Ki Dua In Hindi

Kisi Ko Bhulane Ki Dua In Hindi ,” Agar kisi shakhs ke dil mein kisi ke liye mohabbat ho. Aur wo khud use nikalne chahta ho. To esi sura mein upar diye hue pyar ko bhulane ke tarike ke sath-sath niche diye hue amal ko shuru kijiye. Insha ALLAH zindagi khush haal ho jayegi.

  1. Jab bhi is dua ko parhiyega wuzu mein hi parhiyega. Isse iska asar laazmi hoga.
  2. Awwal koi bhi Durood Shareef (saat) 7 martaba parhiye.
  3. Phir, upar di hui dua “ALLAHUMMA inni a’uzu bika minal hammi……….” (poori dua upar parhiye) ko ek muqarrar ta’adad mein arabi mein parhiye. Jaise agar aap Ikkees (21) martaba parhna chahte hai to rozana Ikkees (21) martaba hi parhiyega.
  4. Parhne ke bad phir se wahi Durood Shareef (saat) 7 martaba parhiye.
  5. Phir hath uthakar ALLAH se panah mangiye aur gham ko bhulane ki dua kijiye. Yani pyar ko bhulane ki dua kijiye.
  6. Insha ALLAH kuch hi roz beetenge ke apko farq mehsoos hone lagega. Aapme hausla aur himmat ajayegi. Aur toote hue dil mein nayi zindagi jeene ke armaan jaag uthenge.

Ghaur Talab: Khawateen haiz/maahwari mein is amal ko wuzu banakar parh sakti hai.

Islamic Dua to Forget Someone you Love

A very effective dua to get rid of love of someone. Through the help of this Islamic dua to forget someone you love once can easily forget someone whom he loved.

How to Perform this Dua to Get Over Someone?

  1. Whenever you want you can start performing this awesome Islamic dua to forget someone you love. Do not forget to make an ablution.
  2. Recite any Durood Shareef (seven) 7 times.
  3. Aterwards, recite the above-written dua “ALLAHUMMA inni a’uzu bika minal hammi……….” (see complete dua above). Recite this dua in a fixed number. For example, if you are reciting it twenty one (21) times then you have to recite it twenty time (21) every day.
  4. Thereafter, recite again the same Durood Shareef (seven) 7 times which you recited in the starting.
  5. Raise your hands and ask ALLAH to grant you the power and ability to forget that particular individual, whom you loved once. Make a
    dua to stop loving someone.
  6. Insha ALLAH, within few days you will forget those special memories of the days gone by. You will spontaneously feel that you are forgetting the person you loved once in your life.

Important Note:- Females can recite this amal during their menses/periods even in the state of an abltuion.

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