Islamic Dua To Seek Protection From Hardships And Enemies

Islamic Dua To Seek Protection From Hardships And Enemies ,” Dua to hunt protection from hardships and enemies area unit providing you to stay enemies away and protection from enemy. we have a tendency to conjointly give you taweez for defense from enemies, this taweez is de facto most powerful to stay away all of your enemies.

Hardships and enemies area unit two components which might be thought-about as half and parcel of your life. especially difficulties and enemies area unit two forces that disturb peace and stability in your life.

There would possibly seldom be an individual United Nations agency has not baby-faced hardship and enemies in his life. whereas difficulties have the positive result of rising your talents enemies, tend to check your patience.

However, in bound things, these 2 are often troublesome for you to manage. what is more, Associate in Nursing enemy will arrange not solely your destruction however even your death. Moreover, the hardships can even be triggered by the actions of the enemy.

In this case, you wish to hunt the refuge of positive energy. To nullify the result of hardships and enemies on time is much higher than wailful after. However, however are you able to channelize positive energy to your impact?

Dua to hunt protection from hardships and enemies is your answer for engaging positive energy. The Dua to hunt shelter from difficulties and enemies could be a Quranic technique.

By playacting dua, you’ll be able to presently feel the distinction in your life. the method to perform Dua to hunt protection from hardships and enemies is as follows:-

  • Perform wudu (Cleansing) in the first place
  • Wear neat and clean clothes
  • To begin with pray the almighty for his blessings
  • Next, recite:

“Allahumma inna na’oothubika min

jahdil-balaa, wa darkish-shaqaa, wa

soo’il-qadha, wa shamatatil-‘adaa.”

  • Recite this for a total of 101 times
  • Regularly perform this for a total of 7 days

Soon results would come as desired. Keep faith in the process and go healthy.

Islamic Dua to Stay Enemies Away

You want to stay yourself at a secure distance from your enemies. Moreover, you wish to guard your family and colleagues from there result. Generally, once Associate in Nursing enemy triggers hardships for you, it affects your close to ones further.

Thus, not solely you however your closed ones also are underneath the measuring instrument of enemy’s action. there’s forever a suspicion with regard to the enemy’s movement. direction of negative energy by the enemy against you’ll be able to be one thing dangerous.

In this case, once the enemy is victimisation the negative energy at full force against you, destructions are often of high magnitude. you wish to improve and take the initiative for your protection.

Since this is often conjointly concerning your family, you wish to require fast and sensible actions. However, the question of however is that the most vital question that bothers you during this regards. Well, there’s an easy answer to the present however.

Dua to stay enemies away is that answer. By playacting Dua to stay enemies away, you’ll be able to safeguard yourself adequately from the enemy. the method to perform Dua to stay enemies away is as follows:-

  • Take a bath in the first place
  • To begin with, perform the daily routine of Namaz
  • Next, recite the dua:




  • Recite this for a total of 100 times
  • Recite Sura 58 from Al-Mujadila with the word Allah
  • Finally, recite Fajr salat (22 Ayat with wording Allah)

As a result of performing this dua result would come soon.

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