Istikhara Information in Urdu Istikhara aik esa amal hai jis se humain ye peta chal jata hai ke hamara ye kaam hamare liye theek hai ya nahi hai. Ay ALLAH essential aap ke ilm ka wasta de kar Aap se khair aur bhalai talab karta hoon aur Aap ki qudrat ka wasta de kar essential achai standard qudrat talab karta hon. Aap ghaib ko jan’nay wale hain. Aay Allah! Aap ilm rakhtay hain, essential ilm nahin rakhta.

Yani ye mamla irrelevant haq essential behtar hai ya nahin, is ka ilm Aap ko hai mujhe nahin. Aap qudrat rakhtay hain aur minor andar qudrat nahin. Ya Allah! agar Aap ke ilm essential hai ke ye mamla (Is moqa standard us mamla ka tasawar dil rule laye jis ke liye istikhara kar raha hai) Mere haq essential behtar hai. Irrelevant deen ke liye bhi behtar hai, meri muash aur dunya ke aitbar se bhi behtar hai aur injam kar ke aitbar se bhi behtar hai tou is ko insignificant liye muqaddar farma dijiye aur is ko immaterial liye asaan farma dijiye aur is essential minor liye barkat paida farma dijiye.

Aur agar Aap ke ilm guideline ye baat hai ke ye mamla straightforward haq basic bura hai, unimportant deen ke haq essential bura hai ya meri dunya aur muash ke haq standard bura hai ya immaterial anjam kar ke aitbar se bura hai tou is kaam ko mujh se phair dijiye aur mujhe is se phair dijiye, aur minor liye khair muqaddar farma dijiye jahan bhi ho. Yani agar ye mamla unimportant liye behtar nahin hai tou is ko tou choor dijiye aur is ke badle jo kaam irrelevant liye behtar ho us ko muqaddar farma dijiye phir mujhe us standard razi bhi kar dijiye aur us standard mutmaen bhi kar dijiye. Get Solution to all your issue, duniya kay har kisam kay masley kay liye apna istikhara karwain bager kisi charges kay.

Istikhara Anytime a Muslim needs to take a decision, he or she should search for Allah’s bearing and sagacity. Allah knows not is extraordinary and appalling for us, and there may be incredible in what we see as dreadful, and ghastly in what we see as awesome. If you are dubious around a decision you have to make, there is a specific appeal to God for course (Salat-l-Istikhara) that you can do to demand Allah’s help with settling on your decision.

Should you marry this particular person? Should you go to this doctoral level school? Should you acknowledge this occupation offer or that one? Allah fathoms what is best for you, and in case you are not sure around a choice that you have, search for His bearing. O Allah! If in Your Knowledge this matter be valuable for my certainty (Deen), for my work, and for the aftereffects of my issues, then delegate it for me, and make it straightforward for me, and support me in that.

In any case, if in Your Knowledge, this matter be horrendous for my certainty (Deen), for my employment, and for the results of my endeavors, then release it from me, and reject me as needs be, and select for me the colossal wherever it be, and cause me to please with it. Istikhārah is not a Magic, it is an answer of our problems.Istikhārah is system to settling on decision with bearing of Allah. It is excessive that you get a dream or even a “slant.” Rather, the istikhara is a solicitation to God that Allah guide you towards that which is best (khayr) for you. If you do the supplication to God of heading (istikhara) with the right way, then Allah will make events disentangle in the heading that is the best for your normal and next-basic iss