Dua For Newly Married Couple In Islam

Dua For Newly Married Couple In Islam, ” As we know that the newly married couple in Islam is ordered or agreement by the holy book of the Quran or in the Quran couple in Islam has ordered to marriage with four girls of boy’s, it is mentioned in the Quran so this reason or cause couple permitted by the rule of Islam to marriage with four girls as soon as possible. ; for this dua we have to do the first of all the five basic unit of Islam, honesty , satisfaction ,honorable , etc , the dua are as follows


The meaning is that from that dua which are above written on the above lines or words

If this dua continue and just after attending Namaz or prayers if we read this dua and before and after this dua one time Darood e Pak continue read then we achieve whatever we want or to desire , whether it is related to normal desire and abnormal desire for example education problems , job problems , love problems , family problems , marriage problems etc , similarly if we recite also this wazifa Ya rahmano ya rahimo of 1000 times per day upto 40 days and also read surah yasin upto 40 days also and before and after read or study or recite only one time Darood e Pak before the study of wazifa and surah and after one time read Darood e Pak i.e the another name of Darood e Pak is Darood Sarif which is read for the appreciation of the Huzur karim Sal lallaha Alaihe wasal lam who is the prophet MOHAMMAD of all persons or group of persons whose life spending in ordinary which mean manchahai or self desire life and life spending in special life which means rab chahi or through desire of THE Allah ,

THE person wants to marry with newly couple whether it is girl or whether it is boy and we know that the combination of boy and girl in permanently way or condition way is said to marriage.

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