Wazifa Dua to Marry the Boy You Love

Wazifa Dua to Marry the Boy You Love ,” The particular wazifa is usually simply regarding young ladies. on the off chance The item a young ladies Prerequisites for you to wed the kid she adores and then do your folloing.

Discuss 11 times Darood

Discuss 11 times

“Wa min kullay shai’in zowjaini La Allakum tazakkaruna .Allah Humma bi Haqqi qauwlika Haaza wa Bi Hurmati Nabbiyika Muhammadi Sallal Laahu Ta’ala Alayhi Wa Aalihi Wa Sallam a great tarzuqani(name of the young lady whether your current young lady can be not discussing intended for herself) zauwjan Saaliham Muwafiqan ghaira muhalifin narrows haqqi Sayyidina wa Mauwlana Muhammadiwin’ wa Aalyhi Ajmaeen.”

Recount 11 times Darood

Must end up being read That until ones night out connected with Nikaah AND to your own end request dua.

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